5 Must Read Books for 2019

Posted by Madeleine Clark on

We are already into March 2019! Where did that go? I'm happy to say I have had a productive first few months of the year. But keeping it consistent indefinitely well, we shall see. There are 5 books I think could help me with my 2019 goals of balancing my working and personal life. 

My 2019 Goals:

  •  Being Proactive and productive consistently 
  • More self-care and self-love 
  • Saving and investing money sensibly, time to reach those money goals

And here are 5 books I think can help me, so I'm thinking they can help you too! If you have already read any of these books I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Or if you read this then read these books come back and make a comment. 


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Ready Steady Read! 

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