Accessories Addict Ep2 7 ways to wear a hair tie!

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Hello again. 

This episode of Accessories addict is all about our hair ties. We have a gorgeous range of handmade hair ties and we have just added some some beautiful silk hair ties to our collection! Check them out! 


Look Book:



starting with one of our new hair silk hair ties from our most recent photoshoot, tie into a bow with a loose ponytail. 


Same hair tie in black.. tie round the ponytail and let the silk hang loose, great for long hair, choose a contrasting colour to your hair.


Ok so this hair tie has wire inside which makes bending it into the exact shape you want easy. Wrap around a high bun and knot the front. 


So this is the same with wire in red/navy wrap around the ponytail and rather than letting it hang loose and natural like the silk bend it into the position you want. 


Put your hair in a low ponytail tight tuck the tie in the bobble and wrap into the bun as part your hair once pinned into place you can then pull and bend the hair tie making in show more. 



Same style using different hair ties one, left has wire, right doesn’t and is our handmade style. Wrap underneath your hair and knot the top then tuck the excess fabric in. 


lastly you can use hair ties to style your summer bags.

And that’s a wrap. We hope you have enjoyed reading this post and found it helpful and inspiring. Check out our style guide series on IGTV to see some of these in action on video.


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Take care Leiney xoxo

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