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Welcome to the world of Lazy Gurl. My name is Madeleine I am the co founder of Lazy Gurl along with my mam Celia. This is the story of how our brand was created. 

I would often browse and buy outfits online. I am a healthy size 10 sometimes I am between a 10 and 12 depending on whether I've been hitting the gym or not. For years I have been on every fad diet trying to look like the tall size 8 models on the websites. I am 5ft 4"! And then all of a sudden all of these same sites were offering plus size ranges. Which is great. But I am a size 10/12 and I'm 5ft 4" and it dawned on me that most girls are between a size 8-16 and one of 4 shapes; Pear, Apple, Hourglass or Rectangle. And I realised there wasn't one website that catered for this majority! So I sat on these thoughts for a while whilst some life happened and then as soon as I felt the time was right we started creating the Lazy Gurl brand. We are at the beginning of our journey and we have a long way to go. I'm sure we will get it wrong a few times so bare with us. Because our hearts are in the right place. Our brand has been built so that girls can fall in love with their own bodies, there own unique look and start celebrating themselves! Our brand motto is #LoveThySelf 

Being confident in your own skin is so important. We have designed looks based on current trends and prints to suit specific body shapes. Some things can look good on everyone and we aren't saying that only that one shape can wear something its just a nice indicator of the kind of neck lines bottoms you will look best in. We are always working on new designs and we would love to hear your feedback! 

I have been working as a fashion buyer now for 4 years. Celia has been a dressmaker since I was just a star in the sky. Her entire adult life basically. So with our combined skills we created our collection. Some of the items are bought and others are designed. Our in house designed collected is called Lazy Edit. We currently have 4 models,

Me, Hourglass,

My sister Olivia Pear,


Sam Apple 


Amani Rectangle. 

We will post regular blog posts about styling body shapes, which celebrities share your shape and how to guides. We hope you will subscribe to our blog and become part of our community. 

If you wear something from our collection be sure to hashtag us on Instagram using our hashtags #lazygurlUK #shopforshape #lazygurledit 


Thank you for reading our first blog post 






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