Self Care Through a Pandemic

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To say its been a strange year is a bit of an understatement. Throughout this time in lockdown I have been keeping busy running the business, decorating my home (this will be a separate blog post) Preparing to bring a baby into the world. But I've also taken time out for myself too. 

I'm a pretty low maintenance kinda gal. I don't get my hair cut very often, as I'm lucky that its healthy and in good condition without much up keep. It took years for my messy eyebrows to be in fashion so I don't touch them. But I don love getting my nails done, and getting a facial. So I tried to keep this up at home. Here are some of my DIY Nail attempts using my nail lamp. and Blue-sky polish & HNM Polish.









Really looking forward to going back to my nail tech 'Izzie's Beauty Room.' I've been saving lots of nail inspo ready for when I can get my nails done. 


Keeping up facials wasn't as easy. I know lots of people are using Lumi facial cleanser but since lockdown my monthly funds have been halved and I really need to be buying baby stuff! Luckily though I had recently bought a Temple Spa pack and I can't recommend it enough. There was a face wash, exfoliator, cleanser, toner, mask and night cream. Perfect for a Sunday tea time chill. 

I love to find time to chill in the bath - with Radox Muscle soak.

 And lastly. Although my hair doesn't need cutting every few weeks I do love getting my hair washed cut and styled at the hair dressers and I'm feeling its long over due! So I have taken time to curl my hair throughout lock down. Using Wax Heat Rollers. (A bit old school but i just love the results!)

And like many others I've had a lockdown hair cut! My hair dresser will likely kill me! My husband cut the length and I cut back in the shorter layers around my face! Who else has trusted their lockdown partner with such an important task? 

And so as lockdown begins to ease. I thought it was nice to look back at the past few months of self care at home. As I look forward to getting back to the salons and letting the professionals do what they do best. But pandemic or no pandemic we all need to remember to take time out for ourselves. As I get closer to bringing a baby into the world I try to remind myself often that I will need some time for me now and again. Sometimes self care is just about resting. Lying on the sofa watching Netflix and ordering a takeaway while life happens around you. I'm in my third trimester and I have less and less energy as I approach my due date. So some days I just allow myself to stop and rest. 

This was a rest day. I felt as tired as I look in this photo. I like to document the down days as well as the good days. 

I hope this little post on my self care routine and tips has inspired you to take a break and get out the bubble bath and a face mask! 

Stay Safe everyone & remember to love thy self (at least once in a while) 

Leiney xoxo


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