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Hello Everyone

So we recently decided to broaden our horizons, starting with the blog into helpful and inspiring lifestyle posts. Covering; sustainable living, home decor, a bit of travel & food. We have started by opening a personal public Instagram account for moi < tap to follow. This gives you all a glimpse into my lifestyle and behind the scenes of the brand. Following on from this we are currently working on a lifestyle range on products. Which will hopefully be launched at some point this year! You can also follow our Pinterest for lots of inspo! 

so our first blog is all about growing veg! I have recently acquired a small patch at my sister in laws allotment. Which me and my husband have been working on during lockdown. 

here is our before picture: 


So for anyone looking at this post who would like to get an allotment or start growing veg in the garden this is a step by step guide of what we have done so far and what we’ve learned to do date. We are total newbies too! 

step 1. Weeding. First of all we removed all of the weeds from this area. This is the most time consuming part and it requires a level off patience or if you are like me then you probably find it therapeutic. It’s better than meditating in my opinion. 

so we started weeding in patches. This part took a few day’s. Before it was ready for...

Step 2. Turning over the soil. We turned over all of the soil and our brother in law rotavated  it for us and organised the space the into beds with a paving stones. This makes it much easier to stay on top of each year.

 So our first 3 boxes were in!

Step 3. I hade carrots and peas to plant to i wasted no time in sowing the seeds. Meanwhile at home I was potting butternut squash, pumpkins, radish and tomatoes. Pot them into small pots of compost and water them every day leaving them in the sun to germinate. 

Step 4. This step isn’t exactly necessary but it’s what I find because I really wanted our little patch to look cute. I painted the boxes! First I undercoated them then painted them in sage green. Meanwhile I ordered wooden signs from eBay to place in the beds. 


Step 5. Plant the things you have been germinating. Make sure you put slug repellent or broken egg shells around the squash and pumpkins as the slugs like to eat these! We didn’t know this and lost a few pumpkins unfortunately. But we live and learn. Also once you have stuff planted you can’t water it enough so daily trips to water your crops.

and this is the latest image, where you can see our peas are growing! Another tip also plant things in pots with drainage.

So that is our journey so far. We are hoping to be able to make butternut squash soup this Autumn and decorate the house with home grown pumpkins. Freeze the peas, make carrot soup  and use them fresh on meals. We are also planting courgettes which i discovered recently are lovely in spag Bol! Tomatoes, radish for salad and I’ve ordered a grow bag for potatoes. So I will do a an update on our journey soon.

on a personal note. Having this little outdoor project through lockdown has been such a blessing having a safe place to go to to switch off has made a huge difference. 

I hope you have enjoyed this read. I’d love to know if this has inspired you to grow some veg! And see your journeys too. 

Stay safe everyone 

Leiney xoxo


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